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   For all of your diversified real estate needs, call me. I can find the property that meets your needs and help you with your financing. I specialize in first time home buyers and people that are relocating to the Greenville/Pitt County area. Whether you are new to the area or have been here for a while and want to relocate, please think Jimmy Register.

   I have lived and worked in China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Korea, and Japan. I am familiar with many Middle Eastern and Eastern Asian cultures. My wife, Jeannie Zhang Register can assist with any Chinese translation. So give us a try.


1. Spent many years with Dupont as a Technology Transfer Specialist.
2. Traveled extensively all over the world transferring Dupont Technology including China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Korea, Venezuela and many other countries.
3. Enjoys meeting new people from different cultures and has a lot of international experience.
4. Married to the former Jeannie Zhang of Shanghai, China who is currently enrolled in the business department of East Carolina. Jeannie speaks several different Chinese dialects.
5. 3 married daughters, Julie Hill, a Special Education teacher from Deep Run, Kristie Dail, works in Insurance with NC Farm Bureau from Snow Hill, and Jamie Godwin, a home maker from Kinston.
6. A member of the Ayden Golf and Country Club, a member of the Supervisory committee of the Carolina Family Credit Union, and on the board of directors of the Sheffield home owners association.
7. Continues to enjoy traveling from time to time, all sports, reading, and assisting others with their real estate needs.


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